Mediterraneo – Back to Basics

written by MagicBox 30th July 2015

Mediterraneo Gigiri

Italian food, at its core, is really quite simple. The recipes and methods are humble, earning their timeless popularity with fresh, quality ingredients prepared by a well-practiced hand and, perhaps, some signature twist passed along throughout the years. Italian meals are no more complicated; at the table, it all comes down to time spent with good company over great food.

Mediterraneo started with a fittingly simple plan – transport that traditional, uncomplicated and classically Italian experience to Nairobi. From the stuzzichini served as you sit down at your table to the last sip of cappuccino before you leave it, meals at Mediterraneo thrive on an authenticity that enlivens company and lives on in fond memories.

Mediterraneo - Back to Basics

The intervening years have seen humble beginnings grow into three branches, each having a unique personality but all of them expressing a common Mediterraneo soul. But beyond that growth, the brand has focused on refinement, on moving every aspect of the Mediterraneo experience towards its best version.

Executive Chef Dario, who originally joined the team eight years ago from his native Sicily, has passionately worked to make each location an amazing dining experience. Going back to its roots, Mediterraneo’s quest for refinement is concentrated on the simplicity of delicious, authentic dishes punctuating a meal that nourishes the spirit as much as the body.

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