Meet Chef Rubia from Ibis Styles Hotel

written by Rubia Zablon 15th May 2019

Culinary art is my passion first and profession second. I have always been fascinated by the art of cooking from a young age and have come to believe how powerful food is, by bringing people of all walks of life together. I have been privileged throughout my career growth as I attended the best culinary school, Kenya Utalii College, where I learned all the basics on cooking, culinary arts and being a chef.

I was able to gain more experience working under highly skilled chefs in a couple of major hotels in Kenya and abroad. This helped me to acquire local and international experience that broadened my way of thinking and is reflected in the way I cook. I was privileged to work with a world-class cruise ship, celebrity cruise line which gave me an opportunity to travel in different continents and work with the best celebrity chefs in the world. In total, I have been in the industry for 15 years.

After my travels, I decided to come back home and work on my own projects as an entrepreneur. That is how the concept of Rubia’s Kitchen came about.

My main objective with Chef Rubia’s Kitchen is to provide catering services that deliver amazing presentation and state of the art dining experience that will exceed our clientele expectations. I have been able to gather a team of talented, professional and innovative individuals who come together to present our clients with international and local cuisine as we maintain our top-notch standards for all our clientele. My company has been able to cater at wedding receptions, corporate events, cocktail parties and other VIP events.

Being the head chef at Ibis Styles hotel has been a great opportunity. It has allowed me to showcase and implement my creativity. Being an Accor brand, it has helped elevate my management style and challenged me to keep my standards consistently high as is expected by the international clients who stay at the hotel and expect impeccable services similar to any other Ibis Styles Hotel across the world. These and many more aspects of being a head chef have provided me with an opportunity to sharpen my skills and knowledge and keep growing as I aspire to the highest professional level.

My main objective as a chef is to provide modern gourmet dining experiences that will exceed our clientele expectations. My style of cooking is Afro-continental cuisine as this gives more room to infuse some of our local cuisines with the different food cultures to create a new dining experience of Afro-fusion.

On top of all of this, I run a blog where I post some of my recipes. My clients may eat my food when they come to Ibis Styles Hotel but through my blog, they are able to take my professional cooking to their home kitchens. At home, they can prepare and enjoy delicacies that are similar to the food you would eat at a high-end restaurant.

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