Karura Coffee House Presents: Mexico Lindo Night

written by Iloti Mutoka 29th November 2017

The Karura Coffee House recently hosted the Mexico Lindo Night, with the owner and organizer, Ashminder Kaur, saying that the main goal of the event was to celebrate Mexican food heritage culture in a convival, intimate atmosphere. The glum weather did little to dampen the spirits of what was a full house of patrons ready to savour Mexican food with the added bonus of a brief after dinner reading by award winning Kenyan author, Yvonne Owuor.

The guest chef, Mexican native Iman Gonzalez, was looking to serve up conventional Mexican fare but also incorporate food that is common in Mexico but less well known outside of the central American country. The opening course of a rustic Lentil soup with chicken broth was rich and full of texture, the hot soup was the perfect way to banish the cold of the rainy night, which according to the chef was the reason her abuelita (grandmother)

Next was a shrimp cocktail, which, while not associated with Mexico, is prepared and sold as a street dish as far inland as Guanajato, where the chef was brought up. The tangy cocktail had a mexican flair, it was served with tortillas and chilled avocado.

There was one bowl of refried beans, rice, guacamole, and a salsa habanero that was only for those who could take the heat of the latin chillies, on each table, for the guests to share.

In picking the main course, Chef Gonzalez went with chicken enchilladas with a spicy green salsa topped with mozarella and sour cream. A reading from Yvonne Owuor while the guests rounded off their meal with a pineapple and coconut cream cake that was moist, the coconut setting off the bite of the pineapple well.


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