Monikos Rebrands With Sumptuous Offerings

written by Business Daily 7th June 2014
Monikos Kitchen outside
Once in a while everyone appreciates a healthy and hearty meal of fresh salad or a bowl full of delicious homemade goodness. It is even much better when you know where you can conveniently get such a meal within the city’s environs.
Monikos Garden Restaurant located at the heart of Valley Arcade on Gitanga Road is a comfortable little spot with light, healthy and refreshing lunches offering their customers both privacy and tranquillity.
Open since 2008, the restaurant has since revamped its menu to add some delicious favourites. The lively event, attended by both the social community and key media personalities was a prelude to the official public opening of the new menu.
Fareed Khimani, Claes Berggren and Jonas Gejke posing for photo

Fareed Khimani, Claes Berggren and Jonas Gejke posing for photo

White wooden tables with blue table settings are spread across the enclosed courtyard with a small herb garden growing in the centre giving you not only that relaxed outdoor feeling but filling the air with aromatic scents.
Also from the menu, sample signature burgers, pastas and leafy salads for the vegetarians. They are deliciously fresh and the chef was quick to point out that the ingredients are locally sourced daily to ensure freshness.
Jonas Gejke (center) poses with friends

Jonas Gejke (center) poses with friends

Monikos also does themed cooking classes. With a class equipped to handle a sizeable number of students at a go, corporate companies are also encouraged to join in and even do master chef style competitions for office parties.
Claes Berggren with  Diana Opoti

Claes Berggren with Diana Opoti

For future plans, look forward to a lounge, quiet bar, and a bakery section for all the fresh pickings of the day.

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