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written by Yummy Team 6th March 2019

We all know Samin from the beautifully illustrated book Salt Fat Acid Heat and the highly addictive Netflix show of the same name. Samin Nosrat has made a name for herself with her quirky and informative book about mastering the key 4 elements cooking.  

Photo credit: Talia Herman

Photo credit: Talia Herman

Salt Fat Acid Heat was named 2018 James Beard General Cookbook Of The Year, 2018 Fortnum & Mason Debut Cookbook, 2018 Iacp Cookbook Of The Year, 2018 Iacp Julia Child First Book Award and Sunday Times Food Book Of The Year 2017.

And now, an eagerly awaited follow up book is coming soon called ‘What to cook’. Samin writes on her website: “I’m writing a new book! It’s called What to Cook and it’ll help you decide, well, what to cook!  My creative collaboration with the wonderful, inimitable Wendy MacNaughton will happily continue, meaning that this book will be filled with the same sorts of beautiful, instructive, and funny illustrations and infographics that made Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat so special.”

SFAH Cover_seals.jpg


As fans of Salt Fat Acid Heat (Book and the show), we’re really excited to get our hands on it!






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