Breakfast-In-Bed Recipes To Treat Your Mother To on Mother’s Day

written by Yummy Team 9th May 2019

There’s nothing better than waking up to breakfast in bed. Sometimes you want to sit in bed and have your coffee come to you. Well, you can make this happen for your mother this weekend (and maybe a little bit more regularly than that?) Here is a list of breakfast meals that won’t leave sauce and crumbs all over your mother’s nice sheets.


Fruit Salad Parfait

You can never go wrong with a fruit salad. Make it special by cutting up the fruits and placing them in between generous layers of your mother’s favourite yoghurt then topping it with a generous serving of whipped cream.

Get the recipe: fruit salad parfait 



Vanilla French Toast

This is your chance to make something straight out of a Pinterest post. French toast is simple, quick and after you make it you can spend some time adding toppings and making it picture-perfect so that you can present it to your mother.

Get the recipe: vanilla French toast



Baked Eggs

Trying to make poached eggs might be a stretch especially if you aren’t used to it. Baked eggs are a healthy option plus you can bake them into different shapes as long as you have the moulds. You can get creative and bake the eggs into letters and spell out her name or you can keep it simple using the recipe below.

Get the recipe: baked eggs










Sunny-Side Up Pizza

So you’re a little bit advanced in the kitchen and your mum likes trying new things? Then this is the recipe for you. It’s all your favourite parts of breakfast on pizza dough. You can get the store-bought pizza dough to make things a little easier but either way, this recipe is definitely worth a try.

Get the recipe: sunny side up pizza











Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Scones

Scones can be messy but not these ones. The use of sour cream makes them a little less sweet and crumbly but if your mother likes chocolate then she will love these.

Get the recipe: sour cream chocolate chip scones 











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