MumsVillage: Isis Nyong’o Talks About Her Top 5 Restaurants

written by Yummy Editorial 20th July 2016

Isis Nyong’o Madison is one of Africa’s tech leaders and a new mother of two adorable children. She’s the founder of the advisory firm Asphalt & Ink and Kenya’s fastest growing website for pregnant women and mothers, MumsVillage. Isis appreciates good food, great service and is always on the lookout for new culinary experiences in Nairobi.

Isis and Juno

Favourite restaurant to take the kids to Sunday brunch

Zen Garden in Kitisuru is a fantastic treat on Sundays. Zen has always had tasty food with an impressive selection of salads and lighter dishes that many other restaurants don’t offer (the couscous halloumi salad is a dish I crave). If you book well in advance, you can get one of the ‘front row’ bandas or tables which gives you good visibility to watch your kids play on the grass and bouncy castle. On Sundays they have a face painter there all day.


Favourite restaurant for date night without the kids

The fine dining options in Nairobi have really blossomed over the past few years so it’s so hard to pick just one. When I plan a date night, I like to explore the spectrum from really cheerful cheap eats to succulent splurges. I’ll pick one in the middle, a relative newbie to the Nairobi restaurant scene is Marula Mercantile in Karen which has some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had in Kenya and doesn’t break the bank.


Favourite restaurant for girls night out

I’m afraid to admit that a girls’ night out is so rare now that I have 2 young children. I swore I’d never be ‘that person’ to fall off the edge of the social world but alas. I’ve been to the Alchemist in Westlands twice now, so I guess that’s my newest favourite spot for a night out since it’s got an eclectic crowd with a unique vibe and that’s where I can enjoy Nairobi’s best burgers at the Mama Rocks food truck.


mama rocks food truck

For the most sinful desserts

Desserts cannot get more sinful than Coldstone Creamery ice cream cakes. I-don’t-even-want-to-know how many calories are in those cakes!

cold stone

Favourite restaurant to order in from with the family

For fast and easy delivery I usually go with Domino’s Pizza because it started in a small town called Ypsilanti, Michigan where I was born so I have lifelong love for that pizza.


Favourite Italian Restaurant

La Salumeria behind Valley Arcade is (still) a hidden gem in Nairobi. It’s been around for ages but has stood the test of time as my favourite Italian restaurant. The “old Italy” ambiance and cozy atmosphere just gets you ready to start twanging with an Italian accent.

la salumeria

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