Munch N’ Madurai Features On The Business Daily

written by Fred Mwithiga 24th April 2015

Munch N' Madurai Features On The Business Daily

Cheaper electricity! Isn’t that something to be thankful for? Now if only the same would happen for internet, fuel and mens shoes. Especially shoes. Can’t a brother get a decent pair of shoes at an affordable price? I’m getting carried away here. So before I rant over fashion, lets go to the heart of the matter: Food!

In todays Business Daily, you can read my review of Munch N’ Madurai, a delightful South Indian restaurant located in a the secluded Mellow Heights in Ngara. Here’s how my first shot at South Indian cuisine went:

Many people have warned me against indulging in Indian food because of my sensitive stomach and I don’t blame them. But I’m curious about food so when I got the chance to try Munch ‘N Madurai, I was really excited. Munch ‘N Madurai is a peaceful Indian Restaurant located at the Mellow Heights building in Ngara. I had never had mainstream Indian food before. So with my pen, camera and hungry appetite, I was ready to settle into a much-anticipated meal.

Food With Heritage

Munch and Madurai is an open plan space with very modern touches from their furniture to their ceiling. It’s the kind of place you can enjoy your meal both in a long and leisurely manner but also as a quick bite to eat in your lunch hour. Raji Ilangovan – co-owner of this establishment – is passionate about her restaurant. From the way she welcomed us and described every meal that we ordered we could tell she cared about quality and authenticity. Food has been a major part of her family’s heritage. Her father had run a restaurant back home near Madurai, India for over 20 years and she decided to continue his legacy here in Kenya. She also spoke of how Madurai is known for having fresh and delicious food for 24 hours, all over the city. When I go to India, I certainly want that to be my first stop!

The Best of The South

We started off with some chili paneer and vegetables. I loved how well sized the peppers and onions were. Chopped and prepared very well, each morsel was juicy and smoky. Our mains were: the Barotta and Mutton Salna, Idly Vada and Sambar with five different types of chutney and lastly, their popular Madurai Chicken Biriyani.

Munch N' Madurai Features On The Business Daily

Barotta is a multi-layered soft, flatbread that is famous in Madurai that is made of maida, cooking oil or ghee and water. It is served with either vegetable kurmi, chicken or mutton salna, which is a spicy curry. It was truly excellent: fluffy, crispy yet chewy and tasted great with the mutton salna. It might have even taken the place of chapatti in my heart. The biryani was exceptional and had me smiling the whole time. The Idly came with 5 different kinds of chutney: chilli onion, tomato, dhania, coconut and molagapodi or spiced gunpowder. You wont be spitting bullets but that still some firepower!

The drinks were pure heaven. Their juice cocktail was sweet and refreshing. The most interesting drink, however, had to be the mango lassi. This flavour is great for those who—like me—had never tried a lassi before. I could honestly live on mango lassi without ever complaining. By the end of the afternoon, Munch ‘N Madurai worked its way into my heart and my stomach. I’ll definitely be going back and so should you

Munch N' Madurai Features On The Business Daily

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