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written by Yummy Editorial 16th April 2012

Kenya Buzz


SIGH! Where did the music go? There was a time when music was a group of eager youngsters with a gift in guitar strumming, vocal management, drum thumping and tambourine jingling (usually a well bodied hottie did that one).

Nowadays music is less about talent as it is about computer processor capabilities. The so called “musicians” are getting good at it too. They are making tracks that are hard to banish from the psyche no matter how many episodes of Friends reruns one watches to get them out of there. My feelings about electronic music aside, there is no denying talent sometimes. In addition, it is becoming quite the local club sensation in Kenya as the House Music scene expands. With these new expressional avenues opening up, so are the opportunities for young musicians and DJ’s to create new local content. Take Sounds Like A Plan (SLAP) for example and their song “Your Love”.

The song is about the perils of falling in love such as losing balance and irregular heart beats. I have said time and time again that love is a drug which the local pharmaceutical governing body should take control of but that is beside the point. The song has a very memorable quality. Perhaps it is the smooth sensual vocals from Lelleti which for some reason reminds me of La Bouche’s Be My Lover (if slowed down).

Then again, perhaps it is the heavy bass beats and “synths” (synthesised sounds) assembled by DJ Aveh, Ashy Bars ad Slyce O’brein. Whatever “it” is, there is no denying that these kids have it. I am not the expert on house music but I CAN see myself sitting right next to those giant club speakers while this one is playing. The vibrations when those bass drops kick in are quite a turn.

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Andrew Onyango

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