Must Try Beer Cocktails

written by EatOut 28th September 2018

The first annual Nairobi Beer Festival is finally here – a time for all beer enthusiasts to taste over 40 varieties of beers. Yes, it is glorious for most, but if you are not the worlds’ biggest beer fan, if the taste or the colour doesn’t sit well with you, here are great beer cocktails that anyone, even the non-beer-lover, can enjoy.


Must Try A Beer Cocktails

Served out of a Pilsner glass, containing 120 ml Simpils beer, cranberry juice and apple sour, this cocktail goes down so easy that is should come with a warning.

The Big 5 Shandy

Must Try Beer Cocktails


Beer cocktails come with that fizzy feeling, so this mix of beer and sprite would have you bubbly and warm in no time, and that is probably why the drink comes with ice cubes to mellow you out just a bit.



A beer mojito? sounds good right? With lemon chunks, sweet and sour mix, Simpils beer, white rum, mint and ice cubes, this definitely not one to take straight to the head, but sounds like a recipe for a good time to us.

Beer Margarita

Must Try Beer Cocktails


Perfect for an outing with a large crowd it’s tequila, beer and all the margarita goodness, only less bright than the original version this is sure to make you come off just a tad bit more exotic than your friends.


Must Try Beer Cocktails

The country bumpkin with a twist, if you ever wondered if adding beer to anything makes it better, try this classic brazilian recipe can be taken a step further with just that extra dash of lager, or the Simpils beer.

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