Fast Food Trends: Loaded Chips and Fried Chicken Wings

written by Winnie Wangui 10th September 2018

The Nairobi fast food scene has gone through a remarkable transformation. A recent study carried out by Data Fintech on the popular foods Kenyans consume at restaurants revealed that fast food came second after continental cuisine. Restaurants going an extra mile to add flavour to their fast food.

Snack Attack is one such fast food chain which has changed up how fries are served in the city. While customers were used to having fries with nothing but salt, sauce or chilli and sometimes vinegar simply because those were the common condiments available in fast food spots, Snack Attack’s introduction of loaded chips gave fries a breath of life.

“In Kenya, chips have always been served as a side for example fish and chips and chicken and chips. Here at Snack Attack, we serve our chips as a main meal. Our chicken and chips are served as a bucket of fries with chicken on top and toppings of choice,” explains Khidher Adams, CEO Snack Attack. “We are the first franchise to introduce loaded chips in Nairobi. Our chips include various sauces such as garlic mayo, beef gravy and mayonnaise and the spicy, flavourful dynamite sauce, inspired by P. F Chang sauce popular in the US,” he adds.

Snack Attack’s Loaded Chips with Dynamite Sauce

When it comes to deep fried chicken, Kenyans are used to flash fried chicken placed on a brown paper for customers to slather in salt. Fast food entrepreneurs have recently invested in different types of fried chicken. Whether it is due to the fall of KenChic or the arrival of international chains such as KFC, fried chicken in our city is now available in different varieties.

5 Best Fast Food Fried Chicken Spots In Nairobi

One such eatery frying chicken differently is Joes Atlanta Wings who specialize in fried chicken wings. This casual eatery is located along Ngong road opposite Ligi Ndogo grounds. The unique feature of their wings lies in the sauces they use.  From those that are packed in heat to mild and sweet sauces, their flavours include; lemon pepper, mango habanero, hot barbeque, hot lemon, honey barbeque among others.

Joes Atlanta Wings

As fast food lovers enjoy the variety, the industry seems to still experience more growth and we can only wait and see the evolutionary journey of the hospitality sector as a whole.


Joes Atlants Wings

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