Must Try: Matcha & Tumeric Lattes At Tiramisu

written by Winnie Wangui 25th June 2018

This loved Italian bakery are giving you more reasons to love them. You can now indulge in their healthy, rich, creamy new lattes-Matcha Latte and Tumeric Latte which have been added to their drinks menu.

The Matcha latte is famed for its sweet taste and rich source of antioxidants, it is a healthier way of consuming caffeine that you must try. In fact, you might end up swapping your morning coffee with Tiramisu’s Matcha Latte for an antioxidant boost.

New Lattes at Tiramisu

The newly introduced Tumeric Latte will jazz up your breakfast or brunch with its health capabilities which include: inflammation easing,  increasing circulation, and protecting the heart and brain. Head on over to Tiramisu and get your fix today!


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