‘Mythical’ French Wine Auctioned For £1,500 A Glass (More Than 200,000 KES)

written by Yoga David 14th January 2014



A case of 1947 Cheval Blanc wine has been bought by a private collector for €131,600 (£111,000)-that’s more than 15million KES- in one of the most expensive purchases ever in French auction history.

With the sale price it means that each bottle will cost about €11,000 (£9,300) -that’s over 1 million KES- while a glass would set the private collector about £1,550 (more than 200,000KES).

Packaged in its original wooden case, blackened by time, the bottles were recorked at the St-Émilion château during the 1990s to protect the wine from oxidation.

Aubert Bogé of wine merchant Millésimes, who bought the case on behalf of a private individual said, “The price may seem high but compared to the true value of this lot, it’s not over the top.”

“The 1947 was the vintage of the century for this château, it is mythical,” he told AFP.

“Bottles of 1947 are very difficult to find. This 1947 Cheval Blanc exhibits such a thick texture it could double as motor oil, and the huge nose of fruitcake, chocolate, leather, coffee, and Asian spices is mind-boggling. The unctuous texture and richness of sweet fruit are amazing,” said Robert Parker, a revered wine critic, who awarded the wine a perfect 100-point score.

“The amazing thing is that such a wine is still available. You would have thought that most of them would have been drunk.

He added: “To drink something of that value would be pretty earth shattering. You’d just have to shut your eyes and think of England, or France.

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