The Nairobi Cookie Storm

written by Ekta Patel 18th May 2019

It’s raining cookies in Nairobi! Literal cookie monsters are creeping out of their kitchens and invading the homes of innocent (but not so innocent) Nairobians, who can’t seem to avoid getting into snackcidents over & over again! The latest addition to this crew of deliciousness wielding villains is The Cookie Bar or as she is affectionately known by all her satisfied clients, The Cookie B!

When did she start? Over a cup of coffee and her cookies, she told me about her frustrations over the years, trying to perfect her cookies for the masses, with several sticky and burnt messes. Her story of overcoming her kitchen nightmares and starting up The Cookie Bar about 3 months ago elevated my cookie and coffee experience.

I went on to ask her why cookies. It all started when she fell in love with chunky cookies at a cafe in the UK and evoked on a mission, experimenting with flavours and textures when she moved back to Kenya. She struggled to find the same contentment with Nairobi’s offerings and powered through to create her 5 signature flavours; Classic Choc Chip, Double Chocolate (my FAVOURITE!!!), Red Velvet, M&M (yes she uses real M&M’s) & Mocha which have a surprise texture element that I will leave for you to discover. 

I asked for a sneak peek into her upcoming flavours and the only secrets she could reveal from The Cookie B lab were that we can expect Nutella, Peanut Butter, Oats, Cinnamon and Salted Caramel to feature in new and exciting ways.

Finally, I asked her the ultimate question that any foodie needs to know! What do the cookies pair best with? Being the cookie expert, she said ICECREAM!!! A classic cookie combo. I can vouch for the pure joy that this combo brought into my life! Slide into her dm’s to get a handle on your cravings and thank me later 😉


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