Nairobi Dessert Week Pop Up at Art Caffe Westgate

written by Yummy Team 7th May 2019

The Yummy Team attended the first Pop Up event at Art Caffe Westgate organised by EatOut Kenya during the first Nairobi Dessert Week. Here’s what happened.

Nairobi Dessert Week is halfway through and we’re half full of desserts especially after attending the Pop Up at Art Caffe Kiosk in Westgate Mall. The event organised by EatOut Kenya brought together food bloggers and dessert enthusiasts alike for an afternoon of Baileys cocktails and sweet treats from the Art Caffe bakery.

Bailey’s Cocktail

Mini versions of the salted caramel cake, tricolad, blueberry cheesecake and lemon tart were served up to guests as they sipped on a choice of 3-4 Baileys cocktails that were shaken up and stirred by Art Caffe’s talented mixologists.

In between all the sipping of cocktails and nibbling on mini-desserts were activities. The first saw a couple of attendees try to guess which dessert they were tasting blindfolded. If you love Art Caffe desserts then you know this was a walk in the park for the participants.

The next event saw attendees share these delectable desserts with patrons, store employees and anyone they bumped into around Westgate Mall. Who wouldn’t want to be ambushed with delicious desserts? The desserts were shared with as many people as possible and the love of desserts was spread.

The event capped off with one more round of cocktails before guests left and counted down the hours to the next pop up event.

Lemon Tart

Nairobi Dessert Week ends on 12th May. Check out the list of participating restaurants and try as many as you can!

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