Nairobi To Host One Star House Party Pop Up Restaurant

written by Fred Mwithiga 8th March 2017

What do you get when you have a team of former NOMA chefs who travel around the world, using the ingredients they find in each city to create a menu for their pop up restaurant? An insanely delicious party!  The One Star House Party is an unprecedented pop up restaurant spending the next 20 months, travelling to 20 different countries, building 20 very different menus out of what they discover along the way.

The team is made up of chefs trained at some of the best restaurants in the world including Denmark’s ‘NOMA’ and London’s ‘The Ledbury’. They apply those skills to create the menu inspired by the ingredients that they find, and the experiences that find them in each country.

One Star House Party Pop Up Restaurant In Nairobi

The One Star House Party Team.

The team not only build a completely new menu in each country they visit, but also transform an entire space, using their carpentry skills to carve a restaurant out of the materials they find in each city.         

China Buckwheat Congee with dried and fresh scallop

At every One Star House Party, the chefs serve each course themselves, telling the story behind it and the experience from which that dish derives. As if looking at a travel photo album, guests will share their journey through the dishes which embrace each country’s culture, food, ingredient and people they meet.

Onion, Whey & Lovage

Trout, Pea Puree

Miso Smoked Pumpkin, Pickled Pine Nuts & Beef Shortrib

Camomile Infused Ricotta With Bee Pollen & Carrot Beeswax Topped With Carrot Powder Served With Carrot Jerky, Fresh Home made Honeycomb, a Carrot MarshmallowThe One Star House Party team have previously set up restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok and the Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. They will be in Nairobi with their pop up open for dinner from March 22nd – 26th. Tickets are limited and can be purchased here.

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