Nairobi In Motion

written by Yummy Editorial 27th July 2017
Nairobi has seen an upsurge in fitness communities in the last few years. So what are residents of Nairobi into when it comes to fitness?
Fitness at 40 degrees
Celsius Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises, carried out in a  oom heated to 40 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity. The combined heat and humidity increase muscle flexibility. Bikram Yoga is said to release large numbers of toxins through the breath and the skin by sweating. It is designed for everyone from absolute beginners to more advanced practitioners. The combination of heat and sequence of postures makes their sessions very intense with dramatic and immediate results. Bikram studios have sprung around the globe and Nairobi wasn’t left out.
0737 932 573
2nd Floor, Lavington Green Shopping centre.
Extraordinary gym
They don’t have elliptical or weight machines.  Instead, they use your body and real weights to create free, natural movement. Sessions are run in groups, capped at 10 or 15 people dependent on session. There is a set warm up followed by a set workout. All movements are explained in detail and participants are given time to familiarise
themselves with the exercises. Workouts are designed for pensioners to sports professionals, housewives or professionals on the move. Members get a great sense of achievement from completing these workouts and make friends along the way!
0701 748 786
Gigiri Lane,Nairobi.
Martial Arts And Body Sculpting
Whether it’s matrial arts training or getting that beach body in time for the coastal holidays, GetFit with AJ has got you covered. They also offer diet and training plans just for YOU. I’ts a one of a kind private functional training studio now open in Nairobi (Lavington). They also have martial arts training for kids too! Now offering one on one
personal training in a one of a kind studio, as well as group classes including kids classes – Give them a call or drop by and check them out!
0708 735 151
Inspiration and vitality
The philosophy of Taut Body, is to help you become the best version of you through an evolutionary process of both teaching and learning. They firmly believe that exercise is about finding inspiration, vitality, life force, energy and gaining confidence. Could you do that push-up last week or hold that pose for 30 seconds? While the name for the
fitness studio is Taut Body, it is more about having a taut mind, body and soul. They give nutritional and lifestyle counselling in person and online, host retreats and workshops for women entrepreneurs or simply for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change.
0701 053 738
Village Market shopping Centre
Dance and movement
So you think you can dance? or need a helping hand to master the perfect dance steps? then drop by The Dance Factory because this is where you should be. Their dance training seeks to equip executives with the people-skills that they need to strongly compliment their technical expertise making them all round performers. They offer
bespoke solutions by maximizing productivity, leading people through change, improving communication skills and fostering team spirit.
4th Floor, Lavington Mall
Party on a bike
Zen Cycle offers one of the most effective and time efficient workouts in Nairobi.  In 45 minutes their instructors will take you through a full body workout that’s challenging, fun, inspirational, and interestingly enough, a little bit spiritual. Their workouts are designed to motivate any fitness level which will push you to your limits to get you the
results that you are looking for. They love music and classes are been designed in such a way that you ride to the beat of your favourite tunes. To set the mood, they dim down the lights to make it feel like a party on a bike.
0729 712021
3rd Floor, The Pavilion, off Lower Kabete Road.

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