Laptop-friendly Restaurants You Can Work from in Nairobi

written by Yummy Team 24th May 2019

Ditch the office and work from a restaurant in Nairobi. Yes, we know you might be wary of the noise, the smell of delicious food distracting you or bumping into your friend and ending up socializing instead of actually working. We’ve found restaurants where you can work from with minimal distractions. They have the peace and quiet you need, they’re spacious enough for you to place your laptop and they’re accessible. And you know what the best part is? They’ve got sockets!!!

Java House Lavington or Valley Arcade

You can never go wrong with Java House cafes. We’re throwing our weight behind Java House Lavington and Valley Arcade as the restaurants where you can work from in Nairobi. Quiet spaces allow you to focus more and these two restaurants embrace that.



Ankole Grill

Kilimani has the gem that is Ankole Grill. We recommended it as a place to have your next book club meeting and now we’re telling you, head there and work on that project. Creativity will flow nicely especially during the morning hours before more guests and professionals like yourself start dropping in.



Cafe Kaya

The decor is enough to relax your mind. The theme is very marine or nautical-like. The coffee there is great and it’s a quiet space. What more could you need? Working within Westlands makes it easy for you to head there on an early morning or late afternoon to wrap up your work.



Art Caffe at The Hub

Are you editing your next blog post or vlog? Your followers and fans can’t wait to see your next post but working from home is not helping. Try the Art Caffe at The Hub and finish up on your work. The Hub is also very spacious which allows you to move about when you feel exhausted sitting. This is another awesome restaurant to work from in Nairobi.



News Cafe Hardy

It’s like an office away from the office. News Cafe restaurants also pride themselves in offering conducive environments for professionals to work from and the one in Hardy, Karen is what we’d recommend. It’s nestled away from the humdrum of the city which gives you ample time and peace to work.



Cafe Koko

Pick one weekday and head to Cafe Koko located at Two Rivers Mall. Better yet, have your breakfast there (order an omelette, they all come with toast) as you plan your work schedule. This will give you the energy you need to complete your pending tasks.



Cafe Arabika

A light sumptuous meal while working never hurt anybody. Cafe Arabika is a cosy spot with their menu offering a touch of Lebanese. Take your laptop and bury yourself in your work at a corner of the restaurant as you enjoy a light meal. Who knows, that vlog might be up by this weekend.

Honourable mentions

Great, we hope you manage to beat your deadline but if there are a few things you’d like to quickly wrap up, we’ve got a  few more restaurants where you can work from in Nairobi.

Geco Cafe is perfect in the morning before you drive for that meeting and their coffee makes your time there all the more worthwhile.

Chekafe is also a nice little place to finish your work while you enjoy their ramen in this cold.

Stack and Squeeze cannot miss on this list of restaurants to work from in Nairobi. Apart from their quiet space, their sandwiches will have you back there in no time.

Spoonzoom is another cafe to add to the list. It’s located in Thika and they’ve got nothing but great coffee and meals, sockets and space for you to work comfortably.

What are some of the restaurants you think we’ve missed?


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