Could this be Nairobi’s most expensive burger?

written by Jeannette Musembi 2nd July 2014

Yes, so probably the Kshs 25,000 burger probably left you re-thinking your life decisions.It’s okay to feel like your hands are tied behind your back because your wallet says so.

But our obsession with ‘worlds most expensive food items’ has led us back home, and the big question is, does any restaurant in Nairobi actually serve a REALLY expensive burger?  We’re just curious.

Well, fortunately…or unfortunately, we did find Nairobi’s most expensive burger. And it goes for a tear jerking Kshs 5000.

On average, burgers in Nairobi retail at about 800kshs to 1200kshs depending on the contents of the burger. The rest of the lot, making up to around 600kshs take the bulk of the standard pricing.

So what makes this Kshs 5000 burger so special?


Well for starters, it is a Foot-Tall Burger …meaning its a massive burger…probably not fit to be eaten by one human.

Does it come with gold? Nope, but take a look at this.

The special burger is made of  5 beef patties weighing over 1.5Kg of premium minced beef, 40 toppings, two huge burger buns, a cone full of hand cut fries with a pitcher of beer.

But…there’s a catch!

You get 60 minutes to finish the burger, fries & the pitcher of beer. What do you get in return?

You win a ‘ awesome gift hamper’ (Beer Mug, Packet of Coffee, branded pen, branded bottle opener, a voucher for 5000 KES and a Beer Miles Platinum Card) and the burger, fires and pitcher will be on the restaurant.

Did you guess which restaurant? To experience this, be at Brew Bistro and Lounge every Tuesday night for BYOB (Build Your Own Burger Night)



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