Fantastic Wine Tasting and Pairing with Nederburg

written by Jeannette Musembi 12th November 2012

Let me start this post by saying that i’ve never enjoyed a wine tasting event as i did at Nederburg’s wine tasting and food pairing event. The event that happened this past weekend was simply amazing and thumbs up for the organisers. The location, albeit out of the way  for most, was fittingly suitable. The Tamambo Karen Blixen Gardens offered a serene and somewhat blissful natural environment to go together with the wine event. The hostesses were pleasantly welcoming, setting the mood for a lovely afternoon.A large tent where the event would go down was beautifully set up in anticipation of the unpredictable Nairobi weather. Upon arrival, each guest was given a Nederburg tasting sheet and a HB pencil, heralding that the session would be quite interactive. Right at the nose of the tent, was a waiter with a full platter of selective ‘welcome wines’ for the guests to pick up as they entered the main arena.

The ambiance was lovely, and we were all looking forward to having a great time-which we did. The speeches, made by Tamambo’s proprietor Martin Dunford, Carol Odero of Drum Magazine, and finally the man of the show Nederburg’s winemaster Razvan Macici, were short and to the point. Reserving the long speeches for the political rallies, this event was solely for the enjoyment of wines and right away we got to it. Unlike the majority of  wine pairing events where its mainly a sit down and a take through of the tasting notes by the wine connoisseur, this one was a bit different. There were several wine tasting stations aligned strategically around the tent area, each with their recommended food pair. As the guest, each was required to go round tasting and pairing while using their Nederburg tasting sheet as a guide to jot down their reaction and response to the pair. I loved the idea because it was more interactive, more fun and I could be able to pick on a few important points on wine tasting from the more knowledgeable guests.

The Sauvignon Blanc, Cuvee Brut, Merlot, Rose, Lyric among other wine selections from Nederburg were absolutely divine and i loved how well they paired with the food. My favorite pairing had to be the special late harvest paired with the mild chicken curry, assorted dried fruit and coconut pudding. Lightly sweet and easy on the palate, all i can say is i’m going to hunt down for this bottle for my personal wine collection.

All in all i can say it was a pretty successful event. From the wine to the food, to the location  to the people- all had a big part in bringing the Nederburg event to life and i wouldn’t change anything. Probably one of the most eventful Saturday afternoon i’ve ever had!

Here are some of the pics from the event.

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Karitu Joyce 21st November 2012 - 7:44 AM

this is one event I had been waiting for,to be in the presence of a cellar master but ….sigh…Nederburg wines are supreme,this looks amazing

Wandamu 17th November 2012 - 6:45 AM

I miss these events…sigh


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