Need To Unwind With Free Beer? Amstel Provides One

written by Yoga David 15th August 2013



You are in the office trying to beat deadlines and you can’t leave your place of work and there is nothing you can do about it.

On the bright side nothing relieves stress or ignites the sense of trying to generate new ideas as the need to have a break, wind up and ponder on the next cause of action.

To give this idea the deserved meaning, Amstel Bulgaria and an Ad agency Next-DC have come up with ‘Amstel Pause’ a mobile vending machine which for doing nothing in particular you get rewarded with a free beer.

Unlike the contemporary corporate brands who like to tell people the clichés to like and follow their respective social media platforms which can be boring at times, Amstel persuades you to just get thirsty take a three minute break and drink their beer as you unwind.

The campaign attracted an average of 84 persons who took part each and every day, the machine dispensed 1,344 beers translating to 4,032 minutes, this is like more than 67hours of rest provided by Amstel

This can be a good idea maybe the local brands should take some notes on the same and provide an alternative to this like for soft drinks for (teetotaler) or beer it can be for a greater good.

check out the Ad below

The First Installation That Makes You Do Nothing

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