New Kids On The Block

written by Sanaa Jabeen 20th November 2018

Introducing something new can be tough. In this issue, our new Managing Editor Sanaa takes us through her experience of new players and experiences in the foodie scene.

Photos by Peter Ndung’u

Being the new managing editor at Yummy, I’ve been thinking about people in the same place that I am: people going through the same rush of excitement of something new and the ever present fear of failure. Trying something new is a battle and so for this issue, in an attempt to find some common ground, I decided to explore the new foodie experiences in Nairobi.


Indian food and I have a problem. I absolutely love it and have grown up eating the best of the best Indian food right at home, with a family of chefs. Safe to say, I am always apprehensive about going to an Indian restaurant. I stumbled onto Bazaar on Instagram, instantly wowed by the pretty decor. It was decided- I was going to check it out. As soon as I entered, I felt like I had walked into a museum dedicated to the art and culture of India. Bazaar is inspired by the bazaars in Delhi, full of colour and quirky items unique to the country. I sat down in awe (and jealousy that I am definitely not this creative) and ordered tiffin chicken and a chicken tikka. Here’s where I tensed- would the food be as good? I needn’t have worried. The food arrived in, what I can only describe as a Bazaar- ish way. The curry was served in an actual tiffin container and to my delight, evoked a sense of home that instantly had me calling up my mother, telling her I missed her. As new restaurants go, Bazaar might just be my favourite.


Tin Roof Cafe (At the Souk and at Langata Links) has been a favourite ever since I accidentally found it two years ago. If you’re like me, you must be wondering why they would want to change their menu but let me assure you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The new menu is smaller than the old one, but is more specialised to the Tin Roof style than before. It’s focused on the quality of ingredients and is inspired by local suppliers such as Brown’s cheese, vegetables from smallholders and bacon from Highlands farm in Nanyuki. Tin Roof’s salads are a signature that they’re keeping, but new to their menu are Pizettes. Yup, pizettes: light and healthy pizzas that go perfectly with your Tin Roof salad. Also new to the menu are sourdough ciabatta sandwiches, and my  personal favourite, icecream sandwiches for dessert.

The great thing about Tin Roof is that they understand wanting to enjoy your food but also wanting to be healthy. With this new menu, I do believe they have found the perfect balance so many of us search for.


If I have to drive all the way to Kiambu road, it better be worth it. That’s what I tell myself on my way to the elusive G.O.A.T social. Another Instagram find that looks a lot more secretive than I’m used to. With that curiosity in mind, Peter (friend and photographer) and I first get lost, not exactly sure what to look out for. It could be anything, I tell Peter and we start walking up and down the road, seeking our destination. Finally, a man with the most amazing dreadlocks sees our lost faces and tells us that we’ve found the place. He let’s us in to what can only be an art gallery and the man we have met is the one and only Fitsum, the artist extraordinaire. He owns the gallery/ restaurant and his goal is to create a space for creatives to be themselves. “Everyone is the GOAT when they walk in here,” he tells me. GOAT Social is mostly active on the weekends, though that might change soon. It’s a beautiful space that offers you creativity, great food and a great energy, especially when you’re surrounded by books and paintings.


Chocolate? Hell yes! Chocolate with food? I’m going to need a minute. I think we’re all a bit confused by what ‘Chocolate on the salty side’ means, but fret no more, I’m here to help. Mövenpick graciously invited me to their Chocolate on the salty side lunch during my second week of work. With my nerves on the fritz and a general fear of meeting new people, I sat down at a table of strangers, about to be fed strange food. But, I really had nothing to worry about. The people were friendly and as confused as I was, but the main event is what I feel has changed my palette forever. Mövenpick’s ‘Chocolate on the salty side’ pairs meals with the right type of chocolate. The meal is an experience, a your- eyes- need- to- be -closed type of experience. Goat cheese with a hint of white chocolate, roasted coffee beans with cherry tomatoes, lamb shank that has been in the oven for 13 hours coated in hazelnut with a surprise of pesto, the chocolate experience is something I have never had before and I truly wish this menu stayed on forever. Keep an eye out for more exciting things they have planned!


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