New Restaurants At The Hub

written by Yummy Editorial 28th June 2016

Karen’s biggest mall is a dining paradise! No matter what your food craving is, you’ll be covered. Check out these six new restaurants at The Hub:

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket (1)

If you’re in Karen, your favorite seafood restaurant is only a stone’s throw away. Ocean Basket promises you a medley of flavours straight from the ocean. Their latest craze, Mediterrasian Sushi, will knock your socks off: bringing together the best of Mediterranean flavours and Japanese sushi all in one delightful plating. Can’t wait? Beat the traffic and catch the wave at The Hub’s square.

Afghan House

Afghan house

Revel in the delight of Afghani Cuisine right in Karen’s biggest mall. Afghan House, famed for their delicious baklava, tasty curries and their Afghan dumplings, have set up shop on the second floor of The Hub. Their meals use traditional recipes all infused with their own personal touch, guaranteed to set your taste buds ablaze with flavor and keep you coming back for more.

Mister Wok

Mister Wok

Ever find yourself in the mood for a bowl of piping hot Chinese wonton soup or some Chow mein? Look no further than good old Mister Wok. Conveniently located on the second floor of The Hub, indulge in some of the best of Chinese cuisine in town! Whether it’s vegetarian or non vegetarian, their wide menu selection will cater to all palates.

Eagle Peak Spur

Eagle Peak Spur

Too busy to set up your barbecue? Check out the Eagle Peak Spur in The Hub’s square. Best known for their ribs, buffalo wings and finely prepared steaks, this is your go-to spot if you’re craving grilled meat. Grab a friend or two and go on a steak out!


artcaffe hub

Winter may be coming, but we’re fully prepared for it! Get your daily dose of coffee with your favorite pastry at Artcaffe located at the main entrance of The Hub. Indulge in their delightful menu, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Heading out for a drink? Take advantage of their incredible happy hour everyday from 4PM – 7PM.

Picazzo Restaurant and Lounge


This new Spanish tapas restaurant is located on the first floor of The Hub overlooking the pond. Watch the chefs prepare your dishes through the open kitchen over a glass of Spanish wine. Come in and wind down with friends!


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