Nick Ravenhall Explains The Whisky Picnic (VIDEO)

written by Andrew Onyango 8th December 2014

Love Whisky Picnic

The 2014 EABL Love Whisky Festival has finally brought an event suitable for whisky lovers to Nairobi.  The Whisky Picnic was first thought up by Nick Ravenhall and a friend during a night of whisky enjoying. They were looking at an old picture of some old men sitting on a hillside enjoying some whisky and they though, “We want that!”

The two friends were both bar tenders and they both worked in whisky distilleries. They were well versed with what a traditional whisky tasting is, but they wanted something young, vibrant and fun. And they began the festival with a small group of people and withing 3 years they had 700 people attending.

Watch Nick explain how it all began here.

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