Business Daily: The Not So Secret, Secret Garden

written by Fred Mwithiga 16th December 2016

Great ambiance and great food come to life at Secret Garden

I had always wanted to dine at Secret Garden. The glowing reviews I had read about coupled with the fact that something always came up whenever I made plans to visit the restaurant fueled my hunger for their food and glimpse of their enticing ambiance. After weeks of imperfect timings, a busy work schedule and erratic weather, I recently got the chance to discover the Secret Garden.

Tucked away on 14 Riverside Drive, just before you get to dusitD2, is arguably one of the most romantic restaurants in Nairobi. The not so secret, Secret Garden lights up quite beautifully over dinner, with candles spread out on tables adding to the enchantment – perfect for a romantic night out with your special person. If you’re not in the mood for romance and are dying to surprise your best friend with a birthday party, this would be an ideal spot, complete with a buffet menu of your choice. You might just want to grab a latte, catch up on your latest book and momentarily take in the abstract paintings when you lift your head up for some air. Whatever the occasion, whatever your need, they’ve got you.

The menu at Secret Garden is broad, featuring a breakfast menu, great pastries, wraps, sandwiches, aged steaks, local cuisine and an Italian section just for vegetarians. Their wine menu is nothing mediocre with a range of wines from different regions of the globe that would leave any wine enthusiast gleaming with joy.

Since I hadn’t had fish in a while, I went for the grilled fish fillet, paired with spanish fried rice, seasonal vegetables and a generous helping of tartar sauce. The fish was delicious, and well seasoned but would have done with a little more black pepper. The tartar sauce and lemon gave the fish an enhanced flavour that was just right in consistency. It all paired well with the rice and fresh vegetables and I would have loved more than one helping if I was allowed.

Some secrets are meant to be kept, others are meant to be shared. This is one of those you tell. If you’re looking for a date night restaurant that’s quiet, ambient and serves delicious food, you must try Secret Garden.

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