The NRW Red Wine Guide By The Wine Chick

written by Andrew Onyango 27th January 2015

The NRW Red Wine Guide

It always pays to know the wines on the shelves of your local store. Whether you are going to dinner at a friend’s house or want a bottle for a quiet night in, these red, rose’ and white wines are there to make your choice as effortless as possible.

This wine has a ruby red and very vivid colour with a cherry, ripe pepper and soft cacao aromas complete with an elegant and rounded taste with good body and persistence. It is the perfect match for pasta, cheese, red meat and grilled chicken.


A semi-dry, medium to full bodied wine bursting with flavours of mixed red berries, and layered with aromas of chocolate, spices and slight hints of toasted oak to support the REDS & BLUSH fruitiness. The result is a smooth and versatile wine with elegant balance and complexity. This wine should be served at room temperature with grilled meats or spicy red pasta sauces. Compliments after dinner cheeses beautifully.


With a soft and brilliant ruby red color, CDD Pinot Noir’s aroma is elegant and expressive with remarkable touches of fresh strawberries and traces of raspberries. It also has hints of rose petals that are complemented by delicate French oak barrel flavours like cedar and tobacco. Its taste is absolutely elegant with a correct presence of tannins, and the barrel notes are very well integrated. The acidity is fresh due to the fruit that maintains a good balance among all the components of the wine. The end palate is outstanding thanks to the fresh raspberries and dried flowers.

Casillero Del Diablo Pinot Noir expresses itself well with grilled, oily fish such as tuna and also with white meats.


Birds & Bees Sweet Red is violet red in colour, with blue hues and smells of fresh, red fruit. It is sweet and velvety, with fresh tannins, and is best enjoyed with a Chocolate and Walnut Moulleux with red fruits and Aires Dulces Malbec sauce.


With a soft pink colour, Frontera Chile Cabernet Blush smells of delicate fruits like strawberries and cherries and has a fresh, well balanced, crisp acidity, with a slight sweet after taste. It is best  served chilled and is ideal when served as an aperitif or with fresh cheese.

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