Thank you for the privilege!

written by Mikul Shah 27th January 2015

The response from Nairobi Restaurant Week has been great! Many of us got a chance to try out new restaurants for the first time. We fell in love with a lot of them, and those who can afford to, will continue to visit the restaurants they liked, again and again. At the end of this 10 day festival there are many of you who will have visited multiple establishments. Some of you have been disappointed, but the majority have made it clear that they already looking forward to 2016. In fact we keep getting requests to have it twice a year! These are all things that we will consider, once we get a chance to analyze the feedback from our sponsors, restaurant partners and everybody that took part.

Homeless Of Nairobi

It is important for us to always be thankful for the privilege. The reality is that there are millions of people in the world who cannot afford a single meal each day. In our own city of Nairobi, the wonderful city that just hosted #NRW2015, there are thousands of homeless people, many of them women and children who often wake up and go to bed hungry each day. I’m not trying to preach and certainly not claiming to be a saint. This is simply a reality. I cannot judge anyone for carrying on with their lives! Just the way the world works, but I am thankful that I have certain privileges in my life.

Months back, we came across the Homeless of Nairobi initiative. An old friend, Sham Patel, had set up a Facebook Page providing the homeless in Nairobi a voice and a chance to share their stories through social media. Sham and his colleagues regularly spend their weekends, speaking to and photographing these men, women and children. When it is possible they donate food and as you can imagine this sometimes draws in huge crowds. I you’re still reading this, scroll below and see what they have to say!

This weekend staff and friends of EatOut, SHK & Nairobi Restaurant Week will be heading out to Jivanjee Gardens in town to share a slice of bread and hear their stories first hand. If like us you feel privileged to have been able to enjoy #NRW2015 and would like to learn more about the Homesless of Nairobi, check out their Facebook.com/HomelessOfNairobi below or contact them on homelessofnairobi@gmail.com. (Be patient, we normally get replies a few days late!)

Once again, we thank you for making NRW2015 a big success.


Here are some of the stories from Homeless Of Nairobi.

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