Obama’s Credit Card Declined

written by Eugene Mburu 23rd October 2014

More money more problems they say. I guess this also applies to the most powerful man on the planet as well, my cousin from the lakeside, President Obama. We all at one time or another have suffered the embarrassment of a declined credit card during a date especially if you are courting your dream girl.


Recently at a fancy restaurant in Manhattan after having a dinner date with his first lady, his credit card was declined. I was definitely wrong to think presidents get freebies everywhere they go. In an effort to defend himself to the waitress, President Obama joked “I really think that I’ve been paying my bills” he said. ” I guess I don’t use it enough, so they thought there was some fraud going on.” Luckily his wife Michelle had hers and no one had to ‘chonga viazi’ in the back room and make due for unpaid bills.


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