Sprite’s new slogan-‘Obey your belt’

written by EatOut 22nd March 2013

A Sprite can [Photo/independent.co.uk]

Following a worldwide trend moving towards healthier lifestyles, Sprite is moving with the times and telling its drinkers to ‘obey their belt’ and not just their thirst.

The new and improved version of the lemon and lime flavoured fizzy drink will contain 30% fewer calories and will see the 35g of sugar replaced with Stevia, a sweeter alternative obtained from the Paraguayan plant.

The move is part of a new anti-obesity drive by Coca-Cola as a result of a call from the British Government to address the issue; a move that has already been adopted by the French version of Sprite.

In a statement Coca- Cola explained the replacement Sprite will completely substitute the current Sprite instead of being added as a mid-calorie addition.

There are concerns for the use of Stevia as a natural sweetener as it may leave a strong liquorice aftertaste and is also more expensive than commonly-used artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame.

Coca-Cola’s new marketing strategy will include outlining the selection of changes it is making to address obesity such as providing more diet options which make up of their 45% of their sales.

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