How to order from Ocean Basket’s Sushi-li-cious Menu!

written by Hinal Shah 10th November 2014

Ocean Basket finally opened its doors in Nairobi this week and if you haven’t been yet, you may be missing out! The team at EatOut were lucky enough to be the first in Nairobi to get to try their menu last week. Later this week we’ll share details on their Calamari, Mussels, Oysters, Prawns but for now we will focus on their Sushi menu that has everybody in Nairobi buzzing.

[quote]If you’re talking value for money, there isn’t much in Nairobi that comes close! A half dozen portion of Maki starts at just Ksh 400!  For first timers, we definitely recommend their platters where you’ll get to try a good selection. For vegetarians the Bonsai platter is a must![/quote]

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Ocean Basket Sushi menu 2

Ocean Basket Sushi menu 1

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