Oco Monk : A Cool Rum-Coke Cocktail

written by Yoga David 28th August 2013



Old monk has to be one of the most underrated Indian rum out there..

The rum is made by Mohan Meakin Ltd in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh since Victorian times. It is a caramel-nosed, vanilla spiced dark rum is made from sugarcane molasses for decades.

This Indian blended dark rum has an alcohol content of nearly 42.8 percent, it is available in two kinds: the seven-year-old XXX variety and a slightly more expensive 12-year-old Old Monk Gold Reserve





4 parts of Old Monk Rum

Soft drink ( “Coca Cola”)

Slice of lime (or citron)

Ice cubes


Fill the long-drink glass with the ice then pour the rum and thereafter the soft drink. Add a slice of lime or citron to get some acid flavor.

You can check some of their cocktails on Old Monk Rum site.



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