Oktoberfest Beer Bus Crawl This Friday

written by Hinal Shah 25th October 2014

Kick off your November with the Grand Finale of Oktoberfest hosted by Big 5 Breweries, The Wine Shop and Brew Bistro & Lounge!

The Beer Bus Crawl will be held on 31st October starting from 5pm at The Wine Shop/Brew Bistro & Lounge. Hop on board the awesome Brew Bus and enjoy their full selection of top class beers and great music whilst having the choice of  hopping off at various participating outlets throughout the night…or just staying on! It’s up to you! It’s a truly unique (and responsible) way to tour Nairobi nightlife which has never been done in Kenya before!

Route Plan: Beer Bus will stop for 5-10minutes at every outlet.

Oktoberfest Beer Bus Crawl E-poster

The Brew Bus will have specially fitted a DOUBLE DECKER 100 seater bus, with a full stocked bar, DJ, lights and screens with all the necessary licenses to operate for the night on certain designated routes. Please note that on the bus all the beer and water are complimentary courtesy of Big Five Breweries and as soon as you hop off into any of the establishments you can enjoy their special Oktoberfest offers.

The bus will have private security on board and be followed by a convoy that includes a full armed security vehicle, a breakdown vehicle with a mechanic in case of any problems as well as a Brew Bistro vehicle ensuring that the bar on the bus is always stocked and thus, they have ensured that adequate security is provided throughout the night.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Tickets will be available from Monday 27th October from Brew Bistro & Wine Shop.
  2. Only 100 pre-sale tickets will be available for the flag off from Brew Bistro at 5pm on Friday 31st October.   Customers can then buy tickets at the various stops from the bus conductor if space is available (ie. when passengers hop off at a certain outlets then more passengers can hop on and purchase their ticket directly from the bus conductor).  Once you purchase a ticket you can hop on and hop off the bus the whole night as all bus passengers will get an Oktoberfest wrist band.
  3. Tickets will be sold at 2500Kshs per ticket which includes unlimited beer and water whilst on the bus only.
  4. Their will also be a cash bar for all other beverages on the bus.
  5. All passengers on the bus will be required to wear a seat belt whilst the bus is moving and drinks service will only be done when the bus is stationary to ensure safety of all passengers.
  6. Strictly no smoking on the bus.
  7. The bus will stop at each outlet for 5 to 10 minutes where one of the Oktoberfest crew will inform guests at the outlet that the bus has arrived and will be leaving in 10 minutes for anyone who wants to get on.
  8. Strictly no fighting or puking on the bus.
  9. Strictly no firearms on the bus.
  10. Their will be a designated area only for Oktoberfest bus crew and no passengers will be allowed in this area.
  11. All passengers, crew and sponsors will have to go through a security check every time they board the bus at every stop and are kindly requested to cooperate.
  12. All sponsors will be allowed one banner inside the bus and 1 representative due to limited space on the bus.
  13. No banners will be allowed on the exterior of the bus besides the attached banner provided by Big Five Breweries
  14. All participating partner outlets on the bus crawl are kindly requested to have one A3 size Beer Bus Crawl poster/route plan at their outlet (preferably near the entrance) for any interested customers as well as brief their staff about the Beer Bus.  Posters will be circulated on Tuesday 28th October.
  15. Big Five Breweries Ltd reserves the right of admission on the bus and any passengers found breaking any of the terms and conditions set above will be asked to leave the bus.

So get your beer bellies ready and your beer-mug hand exercised for it shall go down like never before on Nairobi’s premier Bus Crawl Party.

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