How to Host the Perfect Oktoberfest with Jumia

written by Yummy Team 26th September 2019

Oktoberfest is here! This is your chance to step outside the box and do something extraordinary aka host your own festival, right at home! Here’s how Jumia can help you throw the most epic Oktoberfest right from your phone!

Step 1

Pick your hero

So many options, no wrong answers! With Jumia Party, you have your pick of a range of beers that will suit your crowd and tastes.

Tip: mix it up! Pick 3 different types of beers, it’ll help with the experience.

Beers to choose from: Heineken, Amstel Lager, Tusker Malt, Tusker Cider, Carlsberg, Guinness, Pilsner, Kenya Originals, Honey Badger Blonde and more.

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Step 2

Who’s the honourable guest? 

Listen, it’s a fest, not a regular day! You’ll need the right type of munchies for every beer and stage of the night! With Jumia Food, you can have these in a snap!

Tip: for the light beers and ciders, you can never go wrong with burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. For your malt and lager lovers, we recommend going salty with the right type of roast! We’re thinking fries with fried chicken, ribs, wings and steak! 

Step 3

The Party Plan

Music: It’s beer, so the traditional Oktoberfest music is rock! Crank up the volume and enjoy!

Where: If you can host your event in a garden, that would be perfect! If not, a large living room should work fine too.

Levels: Unlike your regular night out, Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer and friends, so you need to pace yourself and allow your guests to try everything. Don’t serve all your beers at once, rotate your snacks and beer and change it up every hour. Start light and take it from there.

The Ultimate Beer game: Is it really a beer party without beer pong? The answer is no. This drinking game is the right amount of fun for a beer celebration and you can make it more interesting by making all the beers different and making the drinker guess which beer it is!

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