An Old Grinch’s Toast

written by Annabel Onyango 8th December 2015


An Old Grinch’s Toast

As Annabel Onyango kicks back with her favourite glass of red wine to look back at 2015, she ponders over the fact there is nothing like another Christmas to remind you that you are another year older.

I can’t believe that it’s December again! I honest-to-God can’t believe that Christmas is already here… again! The older I get, the faster the years seem to just hurtle by at meteoric speed. And to think that after Christmas it’ll be the New Year, and after that it’ll be another round of birthdays (namely my own scary one in April) as my friends and I watch each other sprint painfully into middle age. Truly, there is nothing like another Christmas to remind you that you are another year older.

The panic of ageing is invariably triggered when, the very next day after Halloween, the Christmas lights go up all over town. Not even a week respite is allowed from one season to the next. One minute you’re contemplating what ghoulish makeup to wear on October 31st, the next, you’re thinking about how to reasonably combine red and green in a single outfit for the end of year office party. We barely have time to process day-to-day life for the endless amount of occasions on the social calendar that have to be planned for. No wonder the years fly by.

But of course, the true meaning of Christmas is a lot less shallow than I would have you believe in this article. For Christians, it reminds us of a promise made by God to come to Earth and save us from ourselves. For others it means time off work and spent with family. But universally, Christmas is a time of reflection of the past and hope for the future. The heralding of another Christmas holiday means we’ve made it through yet another year- alive and well. You can count your achievements (pat yourself on the back) and tally up your losses (oh well, there’s always next year). You can take a deep breath… and get ready to do it all over again.

An Old Grinch’s Toast

This is the time of the year to eat a lot of good food and drink up- no one will judge. Now is when you can give yourself permission to spend the cash you’ve slaved to make all year. You can relax your hustle a little and let loose. You can squeeze your loved ones a little tighter.

In all the rushed chaos of the holiday season, through all the dinners, functions and the winesoaked soirées – the one thing we will always have, no matter how old we are, are the great memories.

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