Onami Kitchen Bar Treat: Skyy Mixologist Anil And His Cocktails Tricks

written by Yoga David 2nd September 2013

Drinking a good cocktail has never been fun thanks to Skyy Mixologist Anil.

Anil of Skyy Vodka hosted bartenders at Onami Kitchen Bar to showcase how to make an awesome cocktail under just 30 seconds.

The experience Anil just goes to show how mixing cocktails can be fun; he makes it look a profession you would love to do, thanks to the tricks he showcased at Onami Kitchen Bar.

“ I’m here to inspire you to make cocktails- i’m not here to teach you how to make one,” he told the bartenders.

One of his emphasis is that vodka can be mixed with any other drink available without necessarily changing it’s essence and taste.

He made different cocktails and there are two distinct cocktails which can be prepared between 20-30 seconds.

The Mint Apple Berry (Created by Anil)


Double measure of Skyy Raspberry

A little dash of syrup

Fresh mint handful

4 counts of apple juice for sweetness

Shake well

Fresh Raspberry on top and serve with a straw

The Raspberry Cosmo
Ingredients Created by Anil

1 shot of Skyy raspberry

½ shot of triple sec

Nice splash of cranberry juice

Ice trim mix

Shake well the serve with a straw.


Check out the video below of Anil making mixing of cocktails fun

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