What to order at Africa’s Best Restaurant

written by Ami 29th April 2014
The Test Kitchen Cape Town Menu

Chocolate Mouse with pickled Beetroot at the Test Kitchen Cape Town

EatOut recently had the privilege of visiting Africa’s Number 1 Restaurant. The 9 Course Gourmand Menu at Chec Luke Dale Roberts the Test Kitchen is a must for any foodie travelling from Nairobi to Cape Town, but can set you back over Ksh 12500 per person including wine. Worth it you ask? Well have a look for yourself at some our choice from the menu.

  1. Herb seared game fish and red cabbage 3 ways 
  2. Truffled mousse line with foie gras egg yolk and celeriac veloute 
  3. Clementine, calamansi & Yuzu sorbet 


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