Organic Markets to Kick Start Your Healthy 2019

written by Lucy Munene 2nd February 2019

It’s a new month so it is not too late to start your healthy diet and we’ve all heard the phrase abs are made in the kitchen. Eating healthy should not run your pockets dry especially when you barely made it through the 5 weeks of Njaa-nuary. Here are some organic markets where you can get affordable produce as well as support small scale farmers.


Organic Famers Market (Karen, Muthaiga, Kitisuru, Kilimani)

source: ofmkenya.org

This collective farmers market started off small and has now expanded from Karen into different suburbs. They offer more than just produce; you can get other products such as handmade soaps, essential oils, kombucha, honey and so much more. Their staple locations are Marula Studios, New Muthaiga Shopping Centre and Two Rivers Shopping Mall with the occasional pop up in Kilimani. Grab your basket and make a morning of it with your family.


Naivasha Farmers Market

Photography by Devina Meinzingen

For those of you out of town, there is the Naivasha Famers Market. This market usually pops up on dates specified on their social media pages. It happens at Longonot Farm and includes a variety of farmers from the area. Just like the Nairobi market, there is a variety of vendors with local produce including chilli jams, cheese, natural deodorant and stainless steel straws. If you’re in the mood for a road trip or just in the area, pop by and shop all day!

Online Markets

If your schedule is hectic and you can’t find the time to drive down to any of these markets then your produce can come to you.

Kalimoni Greens

This online market is your one-stop shop for handpicked, organic fruits and vegetables. Besides finding traditional greens such as terere and managu, you can also get fresh juices delivered right to your doorstep.

Greenspoon Kenya

If you’re looking for different Kenyan products that usually fly off the shelf at your supermarket or new unknown producers then Greenspoon is the right place for you. From stone ground flour to Kenyan chocolate there’s almost nothing you can’t find here.

Mlango Farm

Mlango Farm operates on a sign-up basis with a basket containing a variety of different vegetables and fruits weekly at kshs. 950.

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