Our April Fool’s Day favourites

written by Yummy Team 1st April 2019

It’s that time again when you can’t believe anything you see on social media! Whether it’s your favourite restaurant promoting their chocolate cake (We’re looking at you Java) or a restaurant offer that always exists on Mondays (Yes, you Newscafe). It’s just a day of doubts, nothing personal.

We have to admit though, it’s such a fun day! A silly day in a world of chaos where people like to laugh and brands push their imagination to the limits.

Here are our foodie fools moments from home and abroad!

Top 2019 April Fool moments:




Blueband launches its own ‘Pre- spread bread’ 







Burger King Kenya launches a ‘Sushi burger’





Mum’s village recalls their ‘Uber bring you breast milk’ prank







Weetabix launches a new ‘Weetabix Broccoli’ variant







Masoko from Safaricom launches the ‘Masoko supermarket’





Sky Garden launches a ‘Robotic chapati maker’






ICEA Lion launches a  ‘Passionate Consolation Cover’ for breakups





Crown Paints ‘ Temperature changing automotive paint’






Exe creates ‘Ready to eat’ chapos







Do you have other pranks that made your day? Tell us about them below!

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