Our Chat With The Brew Master

written by Yagna Karia 19th September 2018

With the first annual Nairobi Beer Festival only one week away, we sat down with Aleem Ladak, The Big Five Breweries Limited Director and Master Brewer. He tells us some interesting benefits of beer and more!

Having been a brewer for over 20 years, what would you say about the transformation of beer as a drink over the years?

Well, beer has always been considered an everyday drink but it has now evolved to become more than that. Beer is being paired with food and it is also being used in cooking. The perception is evidently changing.

Aleem Ladak

Aleem Ladak

Is there anything special about beer most people don’t know? 

Well, I would say Beer is amazing for you, I am a brewer! But again, I believe in moderation! Any kind of alcohol should be consumed in moderation. But there is one thing I can address, a lot of times I hear people say, “Beer makes me fat.” That’s not necessarily always the case. A stout or a light wheat beer wouldn’t necessarily be the sole reason for weight gain. The calories come from the alcohol! So, it all boils down to consumption in moderation! Also, an interesting fact is that beer has antioxidants and anti-aging elements and that’s not a bad thing!

Any new craft beer variety that we should look forward to from the Brew Bistro brand?

Actually, Yes! We shall be launching 4 new craft beers during the Nairobi Beer Festival. I will not tell you anything more; just know that they will be available for sampling at the event, and will be available in all our branches for Oktoberfest.

Describe the weirdest ingredient you have ever put in craft beer / ever tasted in craft beer. 

I’ve seen flavours like Bubblegum, Masala chai and even chilli!

What do you look for in a beer?

I look for a well-balanced beer, something that is drinkable and that I would find myself wanting to have more than just one.

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