Out and About: Hello Sunshine

written by EatOut 14th October 2018

The return of the sun has put a much needed spring back in our step and inspired us to find the best spots to soak it up. In this feature, a few well known personalities fill us in on their favourite establishments to do just that.

Fredd Kambo

La Tasca

Most weekends will find me indulging in my addiction for polo and right after I’m done playing club chukkas, I head to La Tasca in Lavington Mall. It’s a wonderful tavern with delicious Spanish food served tapas style. The prawns and choricillo (small smoked pork sausage) are fantastic. The host, Maurizio, is charming with a wicked sense of humour. It is no accident that his personality translates to a convivial atmosphere all round. For sugar lovers, try the hot chocolate.

David Muriithi

Ankole Grill

When the sun comes out I usually find myself at Ankole Grill on Galana Rd – usually after an early Bikram Yoga session or a late night gig. It’s not because it’s a 10 minute drive from my house or it’s awesome service…it’s the awesome Porridge. They serve a Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Uji (I usually have them add some honey). Thing is, I usually go for brunch alone as I don’t want anyone to hear me slurping the last bits….

Akinyi Adongo


The girls and I have a routine every Friday come rain or shine. We all doll up and head to Furusato in Westlands. In all the years we have dined there we have never had a single complaint. Furusato is definitely mid-range looking at their pricing. I always order the exact same thing (for the past eight years!): Pork Gyoza or Salmon Jaw as the starter, Philadelphia roll as the main course and the sweet bean ice cream for dessert.

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