Outdoor Kitchens and Easy Entertaining

written by Sandy Thethy 15th May 2019

The popularity of designing unique outdoor kitchens is on the rise and with our number of sunshine hours in Kenya, this is becoming more essential as an inbuilt consideration for the modern property. This now presents designers like myself an incredibly exciting trend shift that captures a new fresh perspective of Interior Indoor – Outdoor Architecture. 

At Savannah Design Studio, we pride ourselves in always thinking beyond pure aesthetic as Interior Designers. Outdoor kitchen design gives us a unique opportunity to bring an interior perspective to the outdoors and a completely new approach to designing entertainment spaces in the house. 

Having only recently finished designing my own outdoor kitchen, it is evident how this new extended space, within the close parameters of the main house, completely changes social bonding within the family unit. Breakfast on the weekends is cooked outside together on the custom-made grill, with meals served on a stylized bar counter that allows not only easy serving but keeps family and friends entertained. Having an outdoor kitchen where you can turn out the very same meals in an indoor kitchen, means more valuable time spent with your guests and family than being away from everyone.  

One of the things that makes cooking much easier is selecting a dual grill unit that includes gas as well a charcoal function which allows for speedy meals when you fancy it. The options can also extend to Japanese teppanyaki-style grill plates built into your countertop. 

The easy-to-reach sink is essential, particularly when you are cooking and I tend to prepare all my ingredients at the outside kitchen – so clean running water is essential. The under counter storage cupboards allow me to have access to all my utensils that I bought entirely separately for this new outdoor kitchen – meaningless to and fro from the main kitchen. 

My outdoor space was custom designed with overhead shade in the form of a modern steel structure with a glass roof, with an option of a Mediterranean style canopy cover during very hot days. 

‘Seeking Sanctuary’ and ‘Play’ – two of the key Interior and Consumer Trends for 2019-2020 is fully integrated into the design of my outdoor kitchens. I combine fun elements in selecting key strong designs in the bar stools and the associated furniture that acts as a spill out area from the outdoor kitchen. 

Fresh, vibrant prints bring splashes of colour and teamed up with carefully selected lanterns in a myriad of patterns and shapes brings even further character to this unique space. Lighting is important in the form of both functional and accent lighting. Using cleverly positioned candles to balance out the main lighting as the evening draws in creates a sublime ambience on a starry night. 

My vision was for a tropical garden setting, lush with wildflowers to add layers of colour so the selection of the stone was important to marry all of the elements together. Select granite, quartz, for the main bar counter and combine with natural stone that also merges seamlessly with your location setting. With varieties of natural stone available in Kenya, select this carefully as the choices are endless. 

Top tips for designing your Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Design for ease of use and your own lifestyle choice – think about raised bar counter-tops, further seating areas for larger numbers, under counter chillers and how you easily coordinate from the grill to your guests. It’s important to have everything to reach and coordinate easily.
  • Think carefully about the positioning of the outdoor kitchen and how this, in particular, integrates, seamlessly with the rest of the property. It essentially should be styled similar to the overall architectural design of the main property.
  • Design for both functionality and aesthetic. Ensure there is running water and electricity to your outdoor kitchen, along with ample storage space for all your outdoor kitchen equipment.
  • Consider the surrounding landscaping with care as this is the entire backdrop to your outdoor kitchen, so ensure planting schemes reflect the ambience you want to achieve.


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