A Taste of ParkInn by Radisson: The Tasty New Menu

written by Anthony Mbugua 22nd October 2019

The palate is always demanding new food experiences. That’s why we’re usually switching up dishes throughout the week (and throughout the day). Imagine if you only had to eat one thing your entire life! ParkInn by Radisson decided to switch up their menu and the new offering is tantalizing, to say the least.

The Space

The first half of the evening was spent with us telling the friendly staff to either increase or reduce the heat of the burner that was placed at the terrace where we were to have dinner. It was a little drizzly but after two or three glasses of cocktails and a huge serving of crispy tempura king prawns, we had forgotten all about the chilly weather. Prawns were a favourite among the lot of us who had attended and ParkInn had made sure we’d ask for more.

As we were taken through the new menu offering, some of us were busy appreciating the effort and elegance that has gone into the LiveInn Restaurant located at the ground floor of ParkInn by Radisson. Blue is a prominent colour at the restaurant that blends well with the creamy colour of the luxurious seats. The space is inviting, modern and chic and is definitely the place you want to go to for a business lunch, drinks after work or for fine dining with a partner you hope to impress.


I’ve not heard this in other restaurants but LiveInn at ParkInn has a section that is ‘their most Instagrammable’ spot. Talk of staying ahead of the curve!

The New Menu

For starters, we had the smoked salmon and avocado salad. This serving consisted of avocado, pickled baby fennel and toasted bread. Millennials have been accused of loving avocado too much but at a place like LiveInn, you’ll probably agree that this salad is the best thing to have happened to avocado. Like an opening to an opera, this starter couldn’t even have prepared us properly for the next dishes we were about to have.

I can’t gush enough about the rib-eye steak and the signature whole smoked sticky barbecue pork rack I had. The steak, which had black peppercorn and grilled tomato was served with fries. It was juicy, well-cooked and the kind of steak you have with friends for those feel-good meet-ups. The pork rack chops were succulent, tasted like they had been dipped in honey and at one point a friend told me, “You seem to be enjoying that a lot. You should probably put down the fork and knife and just dig in.” Did I comply? What happens at LiveInn, stays at LiveInn.

Over a glass of Eaglehawk 2018 Chardonnay, we had a wonderful time at the terrace before we headed up to The Attic. The view of Westlands in the night time was calming. If there was an opportunity we’d have dived in the infinity pool located up there but it was a cold night and the cocktails we had were already settling in as we were taken back in time to the 90s by the DJ.


Location: Waiyaki Way, Westlands  Operating hours: 6 am-10:30 pm

Other offers: happy hour every day from 5-7 pm, burger beer combo on Tuesdays, Jazz Wednesdays and a DJ night on Friday

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