Payday Eats: What the Junk Tooth Wants, The Junk Tooth Gets

written by Yummy Team 4th July 2019

If you didn’t know this, we’re here to inform you that payday eats is actually a thing. It’s a guilt-free way of patting yourself on the back for your efforts and who are we to tell you to say no to junk food? One cheat day won’t take you steps back in your health regimen, you know you need it. Have we convinced you yet? We know a good deal when we see one and we found a couple of great payday eats offers for the junk tooth in you. You’ll thank us later.


Fried chicken never tasted so good as when you know it’s a new month and you’re pocket is full. This Friday, buy a Streetwise 5 and a 1.25 litre of Coca Cola and get a free Cool Coke tumbler at their Waiyaki Way branch. A reminder that you should also cop their Streetwise 2 offer which is now at a reduced price of Ksh 350.

Burger King

Who is the King of burgers? You already know it’s Burger King and they have a payday treat for the junk tooth. Whooper Wednesdays should always find you at one of their outlets as you’ll get to enjoy 2 whooper burgers and 2 small fries for Ksh 900. If this ain’t a tasty deal, we don’t know what is.

Coffee Casa

Imagine not just one but two burgers for the price of one? Enjoy either two Chicken burgers, croissant sandwiches or beef burgers for the price of one.

Bhajia House

Who doesn’t love them some bhajia? Forget that’s it is even a payday treat but just a yummy meal to have during lunch. Get butter chicken, two tikka breasts, a plate of two masala chips for just the price of one at Bhajia House.

Aura Restaurant

This is the best time to have chips and the poussin chips from Aura Restaurant will be worth it. Enjoy two plates of poussin chips for the price of one and have an awesome lunch.

Chicken Inn

Fried chicken and fries? Anyday! This is also another perfect combo that fits into the payday eats junk food treats. Buy 1 piece of chicken with chips and get one more combo for free.

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