Payday Eats: All The Pizza You Can Have

written by Yummy Team 3rd July 2019

Hard work deserves to be rewarded with good food. We’d say go on a vacation as well but payday doesn’t necessarily mean you go on holiday straight away (if only!). Pizza is the one food you bite into for all occasions (except weddings) and therefore fits perfectly into our payday eats. Money is not a problem for now but we’ve picked out things that’ll ensure you don’t spend as much. We suggest you tag a friend along, you know, as part of personal CSR!

Debonairs Pizza

How about you try something amazing with Debonairs Pizza offers? Enjoy their Awesome Foursome offer where you get to 4 pizza flavours for Ksh 900. Their Friday Thrill offer gets you two large pizza or any two standard pizza for any of their seven flavours but, here’s the fun part, you only get to pay for one. We know, great deals only! This is Real will have you munching on any real deal pizza (usually 19cm) that include Margherita, Chicken O’rella, Mexican fiesta, Original veggie or Hawaiian and have that with a 350ml soda. They also have the Triple decker pizza offer  which you can have with friends at the office.

Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn is such a staple pizza joint in Kenya, I doubt any of us would confidently say they’ve never been there (because we wouldn’t believe you). Terrific Tuesday offer is the joint’s most popular offer where you get 2 large pizza or 2 medium pizza for the price of one for each. This is where that personal CSR comes in. Go on and make someone’s day with some pizza.

Domino’s Pizza

Don’t let time run out before you try out Domino’s special offer. You’ll get to enjoy a 2 litre Coke for free with every large pizza you order online from them. This is an awesome payday treat for you and your buddies.

Honourable mentions

Pizza Hut- The only best time to have pizza from Pizza Hut is now. Do you know what’s even better? Grab a movie after work and head to the Pizza Hut located at Westgate Mall for their two-for-one offer.

Pizza Mojo-This joint cannot miss from the list and it not only has tasty pizza but great starters as well. Make an order for some of their yummy pizza. They have a similar two-for-one offer to other pizzerias.

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