Pepsi Creates New Mystery Flavours in Time For Halloween!

written by Fred Mwithiga 28th October 2015

How would you like a new Pepsi flavour just in time for Halloween? I won’t tell you the flavour and neither will Pepsi. That’s all on you. A fizzy mystery of sorts that will have you trying to figure out what it tastes like. Sounds fiendishly cool doesn’t it?

Pepsi Creates New Mystery Flavours in Time For Halloween!

The good folks over at Pepsi Japan, have unveiled Pepsi Ghosts right in time for Halloween. These limited edition bottles have  mystery flavours that Pepsi have chosen not to reveal, but rather keep it as part of a surprise. And what’s Halloween without surprises? The five bottles have no mention of the flavour at all, but come designed as dracula, the mummy, ghosts, ghouls, a pumpkin and a witch.

Pepsi Ghosts: New Mystery Flavours in Time For Halloween!

A few people have tried to pin point the mystery flavours with some identifying chocolate, peanut butter and pumpkin. I wonder if there’s a Pepsi connoisseur around in Japan, who specialises in mystery flavours. If they did this in Kenya, I bet there would be a nyama choma flavour and maybe a roast maize flavour as well. Maybe they’ll surprise us next year!

Happy Halloween!

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