Photo Exhibition at Zapata Restaurant!

written by EatOut 24th May 2013

If you love art and are always looking for an interesting and different exhibition Zapata  restaurant and the Mexican Embassy has the answer for you!

Located on the ground floor of Parklands Plaza on the corner of Chiromo and Muthithi Road in Parklands Zapata is the only Mexican restaurant in Nairobi.

As of yesterday the restaurant is hosting two photo exhibitions which will run until the 15th of December giving you plenty of time to go and take in all they have to offer.

“From the Kitchen to the Eye” and “The White Liquor of Mayahuel Goddess” will showcase the flavours before and after the Mexican Revolution.

Head down to enjoy the art as you sample the delicious selection of Mexican cuisine. To make your reservations on Eat Out Kenya online Click Here!


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