Top 10 Spots To Get Pizza During Pizza Week 2019

written by Yummy Team 7th November 2019

Nairobi Pizza Week 2019 is still here. You have a few more days to enjoy the tastiest, cheesiest pizza at any of the participating restaurants. We picked out spots that serve some of the best pizza around.

Brew Bistro

We’ve tried their Kenyan rolex and we have to say, it’s one of the most innovative pizzas yet. Catering to the Kenyan market, Brew Bistro really went all out and came up with an exciting pizza. Let’s just say, the Roman pizza is another you should enjoy, without a doubt!

Location: Westlands, Ngong Road

Charlie’s Bistro

This is one spot that definitely comes up when we’re thinking all things food. We badly want to tell you try their burgers because they are honestly irresistible so we’ll shelve that plan for Burger Week. If you drop by Charlie’s, make sure to have their Charlie’s signature pizza, heavenly!

Location: Wabera Street, Mandera Road

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

The name of this restaurant speaks for itself! It’s an Italian phrase meaning good life and the good pizza life is what you should expect. If you’re looking for fresh vegetarian pizza, we recommend this spot. Plus, let’s not forget we get the name pizza from Italy and given this is an Italian restaurant, their thin-crusted delicious pizzas won’t disappoint. We recommend you have their freshly squeezed juice afterwards as well!

Location: Limuru Road

The Collective Restaurant & Art Gallery

This chilled spot in the CBD is one that will probably keep you going back for more. When the Yummy team went to enjoy their beer-infused menu, it was such a wonderful treat and the crowning was the Mexican beef pizza. The flavours are balanced, the kind of pizza that lights up your mouth but in a good way and definitely one you must try when you go there.

Location: Utalii street

The Daily

Here’s something some of you don’t know; we did a pizza eating competition for colleagues at the Daily. Guess which team came out on top? We won’t get into details but the pizza we had at The Daily Cafe Bistro was deliciously good. They even have a DIY pizza where you get to decide on the flavours you want to taste through your selection of toppings.

Location: Nairobi Hospital, Doctor’s Plaza vicinity


We’re not sure whether the one-metre long pizza we had during the Pizza Week launch is still there but we’re our palate will not let us forget the awesome experience we had. The way the restaurant is set up, it’s easy to see as the chef is making your pizza and that’s a feeling you’ll appreciate when enjoying your pizza.

Location: 9 West

360 Degrees Pizza

This is the spot for artisan pizza. Made using local ingredients and cooked to create a lasting impression, the pizzas at this outlet are spot on. You’re probably wondering what is it about artisan and craft, right? We covered all the hype in our October issue so if you want a little more convincing as to why you deserve artisan pizza, make sure to read it here.

Location: ABC Place, Rosslyn Riviera

Out of Town

Nairobi Pizza Week this year made headway to other towns such as Mombasa and Naivasha. In Mombasa, make sure to drop by Tanga Bar & Grill at Reef Hotel and at Caribou Restaurant for authentic pizza. If you’re in Naivasha, Pizza Inn Viewpoint will be serving more than just cool views but cool pizzas as well.

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