6 Places To Enjoy African Cuisine In Kilimani and Hurlingham

written by Yoga David 19th August 2014

We have our picks for 6 top places in Kilimani and Hurlingham  you can have  scrumptious African cuisine selections.


Habesha Kilimani_-8

Renowned for its Authenticity in Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine, Habesha restaurant located on Arwings Kodhek Road Hurlingham has been winning legions of fans in the city

Smart Village

smart village ltd

Smart Village has a medley of colours, mouth-watering combination of spices, pungent aromas, and the ever so creamy Ethiopian butter. Also you get to enjoy a wide selection of Eritrean favorites at an affordable fee.

The Buffet Park – Tamasha

tamasha buffet park

The Buffet Park – Tamasha, Nairobi is located at the Roughton Plaza along Argwings Kodhek/Jabavu at Hurlingham. It is best known for serving scrumptious ‘Nyama choma’ and wide assortment of drinks

Mama Oliech Restaurant

8 Places To Enjoy African Cuisine In Kilimani and Hurlingham

Mama Oliech is a popular restaurant located at Marcus Garvey Rd (Off Argwings Kodhek). They specialize in fish and local Kenyan food with an extensive drink menu all at very reasonable prices.

Blue Nile Ethiopian

blue nile ethiopian

The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Hurlingham is one of Nairobi’s top Ethiopian restaurant. Their food menu consists of various Ethiopian cuisines such as doro wat stews accompanied by pancake-like Injera. Their colorful décor evokes the Ethiopian highlands; their drink of choice is called Tej.

Kula Korner

8 Places To Enjoy African Cuisine In Kilimani and Hurlingham

Located at Woodlands Rd, Hurlingham, Kula Korner restaurant is one of the 1st African self-service style of restaurant that was inspired during the “Yes We can era” and they have taken the bold move towards branding the African cuisine.


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