Plan Your Christmas Early Thanks To Laico Regency

written by EatOut 28th October 2013

I know what you’re thinking: “October is barely over with, why would I be thinking about Christmas shopping now?” Well, there are plenty of good reasons to start that holiday shopping well in advance!

Early Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be last-minute. If you have a plan set you can be more effective, save money, and enjoy the Christmas season more.

Shopping early also allows for better planning and budgeting. Many people make the dire mistake of over-spending during the holidays.


And thats exactly why Laico Regency is giving you an opportunity to start planning for an early Christmas. They have introduced a bunch of attractive Christmas packages for you to settle on before the big rush.

Yummy happened to be on location at the official christmas launch. Check out their amazing packages!

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Christmas Program_Page_2

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