Playing The Hits

written by Sanaa Mughal 26th December 2018

Managing Editor Sanaa Mughal takes full advantage of the Christmas season and what it comes with, including learning how to be a healthy grown up.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means everyone is bringing their A game! Good for them, even better for us! As you wind down this holiday season, allow me to give you some advice on where you need to go, what to do and perhaps, a new goal for 2019!

New restaurant: Local Grill

Located at the Village Market, Local Grill is a South African franchise focused on steaks and the study of meat. A friend and I settled into the in and requested that the ‘meat man’ Kyle take charge of our dish selection and head bartender Jeremiah wow us with his cocktails. Our trust was well placed because they did not disappoint! From the starters to the dessert, every dish was a surprise: Chicken coated in tahini and skewered with sugar cane, grilled octopus and a side of the South African delicacy Biltong. Our main meal was an extra special coffee aged steak (50 days) with bone marrow and fillet, with a side of sweet potato mash and pepper sauce. And finally, a Jack Daniels tart for dessert.
It’s always a pleasure to meet people who know their craft so well. Kyle is exactly what he says he is- a meat man dedicated to finding the best meats Kenya has to offer and has even gone so far to have two cold rooms at the Village Market basement. These guys are so serious that they offer a unique Meat Experience dinner for 6 to 10 people where guests get to try different cuts and a tour of meats by Kyle himself who calls the experience “a chance to play the hits.”
The experience was made better (Imagine that) by Jeremiah- the bartender whose energy and passion shows in his cocktails. I’m not much of a cocktail person so you’ll believe me when I say that Jeremiah achieved the perfect balance of alcohol and taste, going so far to test a new drink on me that I’m hoping will be named after me (Fingers crossed!). The Local Grill is a cosy restaurant that is in a mall but doesn’t feel like it, with a team that makes the experience so much better! I will definitely be going back and I hope you will too!

New restaurant: Hot Dog spot

The Alchemist is a street food symbol without actually being a street, and the newest addition to this is the Hot Dog Republik. Short & sweet menu and no-one-cares-what-you-look-like-eating is what you can expect at this stand. My personal favourite is the Chicago (That onion crunch is life) and the casual environment is a much-needed break from complex menus and long queues. Be warned that it can get a little messy and at 500Ksh, it might be a little pricey for a hot dog, but hey, when the craving hits (or the alcohol), you really don’t regret it!

New concept: Zazi bar

Other than during Ramadhan, I don’t do any other type of fasting so when a workmate told me about Zazi Bar and their juice cleanses, I was sceptical. With a little bar at the Alchemist, Zazi bar is not what you expect. Quirky, perhaps a little odd but intriguing. Run by youngins who care about physical and mental wellness, I was taken through a series of personal questions and they drafted a 7-day juice cleanse for me that would reset my system and set the theme of 2019 for me. My cleanse was made of coconut water and different juices, with dates for snacking plus chamomile and sage herbal tea.
My verdict: Doing a cleanse is NOT easy. The hunger was definitely an issue (and of course, hangry vibes) and after day 1, I knew this wasn’t going to be a joke. I’ll be honest, my 7- day cleanse became a 3 day one, perhaps because I wasn’t prepared. So here’s my advice, know what you’re getting into and make it a priority.

New experience: Brown’s Cheese Board

Honestly, I am not at that stage of my life where I know how to do a cheese board and get away with it. Am I even adult enough to put out a cheese board? I don’t know, but in an attempt to be a little more serious in life and act the part as the editor of Yummy, I gave Delia from Brown’s cheese a call and she graciously agreed to teach me. Firstly, cheese boards are BEAUTIFUL. At the Brown’s shop in Village Market, Delia set up two cheese boards for me: One that was much bigger with a wider range and another that highlighted her award-winning goat gouda. Here’s what I learned from Delia:


  • Have a range of mild to strong cheeses of varying textures and flavours


  • Arrange your cheese board from the mildest to the strongest
  • Grapes are not your only option. Pears go surprisingly well as well.
  • Your accompaniments for the cheese need range as well- Jams, pickles, crackers, pesto, dried kale, sun-dried tomatoes and more!
  • Sometimes less is more: Pick one cheese
    you know people will enjoy and work around that one.
  • If you’re like me and find the whole thing a little intimidating, Brown’s can actually do one for you! Just give them a shout and they’ll set one up for you within your budget.




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